Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer is here...

And I figure it's time for a change. Hence, this new blog layout and new domain!

If you read no further, please note that I will no longer be posting to or updating Litter Lady. All future entries will be posted here, so please subscribe if you'd like to stay tuned.

I have been a Weebly fan for years now, and in fact run several websites through them. They are a great free website service and I will continue to use them for my personal and professional portfolio sites. However, I felt that Litter Lady, while a good starter site, was still lacking in some ways. I lacked control over blog layout and publishing, and I couldn't schedule posts (very annoying). I liked the way Weebly made their layout creation/site editing page, but it kept crashing my Chromebook. All in all, I felt a bit "stuck" with the whole thing and it didn't motivate me to continue working with Weebly and I stopped touching my site for a while to scout other options. Not to mention, to unlock all of the features I liked (such as custom domain, more control over site, etc.) I would have to put down some serious cash in my frugal perspective. Definitely not the amount of money I wanted to spend on something I basically consider a hobby.

And that is basically how we got to here. I bought the domain off Google Domains (which I highly recommend), and instantly connected it to a new Blogger account. I found everything I have been looking for in a website/blog for just over $10. And that's for a year, mind you. I couldn't be more happy with the process, especially for someone who, while computer savvy, is not website hosting/DNS/other internet technical terms savvy. (I should mention none of this is sponsored, just felt it might be helpful to those who are like me and want to get away from freebie website builders and progress to something a bit more professional and within your control and financial means).

And that's how we got to here. I will no longer be updating or managing my old site so if you were a reader there please keep up with me on this blog for future and of course more up-to-date posts. I will have more posts coming soon, I apologize for the lack of my usual timely, weekly posts; I have been enjoying the first weeks of my summer break a bit too much. There is so much growing in the garden I want to show you, so many new things I've learned I want to talk much I want to share. Stay tuned, I plan on uploading more this week. ;)

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